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WWWSSR Soul Science Radio is a part of Soul Science Radio Broadcasting.  Before there was Soul Science Radio there was Soul Science Cafe’, a TV Show we began airing in Detroit, 2009. Following up at the end of 2010/early 2011, Soul Science Radio was born as a Podcast and has since grown into a Non-Commercial, Not-for-Profit, Private Low Powered FM Broadcast and Internet Radio Station with business headquarters in Austin, Texas.  Because our roots and origin stem from Detroit, it’s rich heritage in various styles of music are an influence on the content that we have chosen to air.  Not to mention one of the Greatest Disc Jockey’s of all time, The Electrifying Mojo!!!

Mr. Charles ‘Electrifying Mojo‘ Johnson was always known for breaking artists such as Prince and The Time, and Ready for the World, but also his contribution to Techno is well documented!  He was known for playing whatever he liked without discrimination of race, creed, genre or otherwise.  So at any given night we’d hear Mojo playing J. Giles Band, Rick James, Kraftwerk, Peter Frampton, so much so that his shows would fit more of the Variety Standard.  We must additionally give him credit for the inspiration of Soul Science Radio and possibly hope to lure him back to radio with the New Technologies of today’s world at hand.

Detroit is of course known for the Heyday of Motown, but the cities talents have been well documented as contributing to Funk, Rock, Gospel, and obviously in the modern Hip-Hop, and Electronic/Techno genres. As a result many Detroit residents grow up enjoying a variety of styles of music and developing a unique eye for musical artistry. When making the decision to venture into Low Powered FM Broadcasting the challenge of combining all the appreciation that we have for multi music genres into a 24 hour day was nearly impossible and just didn’t give justice to all that we Love.

Community and College Stations and their open formats do well in the matter of presenting vast genres of music. This lead to the thought of why couldn’t a Commercial Radio Station do the same? But whats even more exciting for us is that the advancements in internet technology have made it so we can dedicate entire channels to specific genres 24/7 rather than just the limits of a 2 or 3 hour program, 1 night a week, or even 4 nights a week. To us this just didn’t seem like enough attention would be paid to all that we enjoy.

Our Slogan “Putting the power of radio back into the hands of DJ’s where it belongs” was initiated because of the growing disdain amongst younger generations for traditional old radio programming that has changed over to On-Air Personalities as opposed to actual Disc Jockey’s as radio experienced it’s best times.

In today’s world it’s strictly Club DJ’s that are breaking new innovations in music and capturing the devotion of loyal purists in all music genres.  Still yet because of advancements in modern technology a New Horizon is at hand that allows us to bridge the gap between the old and new and returning the power that Radio has always had literally and figuratively back into the right hands!



WWWSSR DJ Directory/Pool.  WWWSSR holds a Directory of DJ’s all over the world that have the additional benefit of being in a massive DJ Pool.  This means that when there are new releases that are introduced to WWWSSR registered DJ’s have exclusive access.

So as you can image, this makes it so that Artists and Labels with New Releases have a one stop for Airplay and Global Club outlets and DJ’s!  (We can guarantee that any DJ’s will play your music).

Learn more about our DJ Directory and how you can join here.



Speed of Sound (thefreedictionary.com)

The speed at which sound travels in a given medium under specified conditions. The speed of sound at sea level in theInternational Standard Atmosphere is 1108 ft/second, 658 knots, 1215 km/hour. See also hypersonic; sonic; subsonic;supersonic; transonic.


Piano A key (wiki)

This is a list of the absolute frequencies in hertz (cycles per second) of the keys of a standard modern 88-key piano in twelve-tone equal temperament, with the 49th key, the fifth A (called A4), tuned to 440 Hz (referred to as A440). Each successive pitch is derived by multiplying (ascending) or dividing (descending) the previous by the twelfth root of two (approximately 1.05946…). For example, to get the frequency a semitone up from A4 (A4), multiply 440 by the twelfth root of two. To go from A4 to B4 (up a whole tone, or two semitones), multiply 440 twice by the twelfth root of two. For other tuning schemes refer to musical tuning.

This list of frequencies is for a theoretically ideal piano. On an actual piano the ratio between semitones is slightly larger, especially at the high and low ends, where string stiffness causes inharmonicity, i.e., the tendency for the harmonic makeup of each note to run sharp. To compensate for this, octaves are tuned slightly wide, stretched according to the inharmonic characteristics of each instrument. This deviation from equal temperament is called the Railsback curve.


440Hz for the A Tone is the root of the Aum or Om.


Aum, Om, Ohm

Definition of OM

:  a mantra consisting of the sound ˈōm and used in contemplation of ultimate reality


Definition of ohm

:  the practical meter-kilogram-second unit of electric resistance equal to the resistance of a circuit in which a potential difference of one volt produces a current of one ampere

WWWSSR Leaders of The New Music Insurrection.  WWWSSR DJ’s Broadcasting Tones to the Universe that invite Extra Terrestrials to a Close Encounter of an Audio Broadcast over Neophyte Clubbers and Music Lovers extruding from an Angelic Flying Object.  I.E. “Soul Science Radio……Phone hOMe”