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  • 87.7 FM
  • Beats for Rhythms
  • Come out of her my people (Replay)
  • Electropia
  • Everything In Between
  • Funk Inc.
  • NM1st
  • Mahogani Nites
  • More than Words
  • Pop-Hop Palooza
  • S.O.S. Radio Soul
  • SSR Listening Party
  • Starship SSR
  • Trap-Hop One Stop
  • TRHU Campus Radio
  • UX Radio
  • White Rap Channel
  • blues2
  • Women's World (Rap)


– When clicking on a channel allow about 3 seconds before it begins to play.  If channel does not play after 10 seconds or more, try clicking another channel then come back to the previous channel, it should then play.  If after 10 seconds or more channel displays a red warning sign, the channel may be offline and not be presently broadcasting.

– Audio Player has pop-up capability.  After closing pop-up player and further surfing the website, contingent upon which browser you use, the player may not appear at the bottom of the screen of our Global Radio page as it should (it may seem to have disappeared).  In this case, first close then reopen your browser and revisit the Global Radio page and it should begin loading at the bottom of the page as normal.

– When viewing the player on a mobile browser the volume bar is disabled.

– On mobile devices it is not possible to download mp3 files instead the download link will be sent to an email at your choosing.

– When the player is opened in popup the playlist will be always visible.