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TRHU is the Online University for Tribes of Aboriginal Nations which is constructed for North American Negroes, Aboriginal Western Spanish Speaking Peoples, Native Americans, West Indians, & Haitians. The Nation & University are a continuance of the foundational principles orchestrated by the Moorish Zionist Temple of The Moorish Jews and the Commandment Keepers.

The Teachings provided by Tribes of Aboriginal Nations are based in the Hebrew Faith (not to be confused with Judaism) and the Ethic origin of Negroes, Latinos, & Native Americans of the Western Hemisphere, but who are also scattered across the four quarters of the Earth. All of the aforementioned being descendants of the Moorish Empire some of who formally were brought to the West via the Transatlantic Slave Trade from Spain, Portugal, & the West Coast of African. Listen to The Tribes of Aboriginal Nations “Come out of her my people” on blogtalkradio and visit tribesofaboriginalnations.com and blogtalkradio.com/tribesofaboriginalnations for additional information.

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